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Representation of Clients

Quality assurance

As an experienced entrepreneur you know perfectly well that even the best contractor has to be verified. How to do it in a foreign country, in a reality that is not familiar to you? And how can you – a potential client from another country – make sure that the products and services offered by…

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We live in the golden era of international trade. Developed transport systems, instant communication, and open borders provide us with unprecedented possibilities. They are also a challenge, that you can meet only by taking quick, decisive, and well-informed actions. We will provide you with all the necessary information alongside the comprehensive support your company will get on foreign markets.

We invest in long-term relations that our based on trust and mutual benefits. However, instead of selling you our products, we accompany you on your way to entering into and concluding international contracts

We represent you in your relations with the contractors and source the producers and suppliers in Poland for you. We conduct the negotiations, take care of the formalities, acquire the information about the characteristics of the market and care about your brand.

As intermediaries we take the burden of operating on an unknown territory off your shoulders.

Build your international trade net with BluExport.